Wiley Post District

Districts are the administrative divisions of the council and help packs, troops, crews, ships, and posts succeed in running the program of the Boy Scouts of America. A district is comprised of a committee of volunteers who organize membership recruiting, new unit formation, fundraising, programs, and assistance for all the units in the district.

More Information Coming Soon!

For More Scouting information, please contact Wiley Post District Executive, Drew Cranford

Andrew.Cranford@scouting.org or 405-209-2005

Position Name Telephone
Wiley Post / Baden-Powell FOS Chairman Troy Humphrey (405) 219-7500 Email
Wiley Post Camp Card and Popcorn Chairman Melody Alston Email
Wiley Post Communication Chairman Darrin Cranford Email
Wiley Post District Executive Andrew Cranford (405) 840-1114 Email
Wiley Post Health and Safety Chairman Stephanie Burghart Email
Wiley Post Membership Chairman Angie Nolte-Jarvis Email
Wiley Post Training Chairman Robert Cleveland