Trained leaders provide a quality, fun-filled program for boys and young men and young women. When leaders understand the whys and hows of Scouting, they are more effective in their roles and the youth win!

It doesn't matter if you just joined Scouting or have 20 years under your belt as a Scoutmaster -- you can learn something new. Scouting trains all of its adult leaders, as well as its youth leaders.

Training Courses

Training Courses are available online and in-person.  Online courses are available throught the National BSA site  Instructions are available on this page's menu.  In-person training courses can be found on the Training Calendar and individual district calendars on this site.

Training Contacts

In addition to the training volunteers listed on each district's page, the following volunteers and staff can assist with leader training:

Position Name Telephone
Director of Support Services Bob Bock (507) 696-1860 Email
IOLS Coordinator Wade Shumway (405) 821-6087 Email
NYLT Coordinator Stephanie Simpson (405) 627-6199 Email
Program Director Jim Taylor (405) 840-1114 Email
Registration Assistant Maureen Colpoys (580) 357-3633 Email
Training Committee Chairman Joel Rodriguez (405) 496-4516 Email
Wood Badge Coordinator Jennie Croslin (405) 615-4625 Email