Refund Policy

Scouts or adults unable to attend camp due to an accident, serious illness or death in the immediate family, or family relocation may request a refund of up to 80% of fees paid. All refund requests are to follow these procedures: 

  1. All refund requests must be submitted in writing or e-mail to the Last Frontier Council, no later than two weeks after the conclusion of your event. 
  2. To be included in the request: Camp name and date, name of the participant for whom the refund is sought, the reason for the refund, the amount paid to date, the receipt number if available, the unit number and name and address of the unit leader. 
  3. Refunds are issued due to accident, illness, death in the immediate family or family relocation. “No Shows” will not receive a refund. Other unacceptable reasons are optional summer classes, vacation or work schedule changes, child custody issues, or family-imposed discipline.
  4. Refunds or transfers will not be granted for those who register for camp and choose to arrive late or depart early. 
  5. Refund checks will be made payable to and mailed to the party making the original payment.

Request Refund