Charter Renewal or Annual Scouting Membership Renewal


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Every member of the Boy Scouts of America, youth or adult, signs up each year. In the Last Frontier Council, all of our Cub Scout Packs,  Scouts BSA Troops, Venture Crews and Explorer Posts “year-end” is December 31.

When any person signs up at any time throughout the year, their registration is paid through December 31. If you sign up during the year the fee is pro-rated for the number of months remaining to December. Boys’ Life fees are also pro-rated on that same basis.

Each program is given a “Charter” from the Last Frontier Council, and is a partnership of the Last Frontier Council with your Charter Organization. Some people refer to this as a “sponsor,” but there is much more to the relationship than just funding. Click here to see the Charter Agreement, or if you have any questions about the Charter Partner relationship please contact your District Executive**Please note it is the responsibility of the local Scouting Professional to have an annual meeting with the Executive Officer of each Charter Partner. If any volunteer would like to be a part of this meeting your help and input is very welcomed, but please coordinate with your District Executive.**

**Each year for rechartering our programs, a new access code is required.** Access code is on outside of re-charter packet. Use your 4-digit unit number that is also on the outside of the recharter packet. You can also contact your District Executive to get the access code.

Steps to Recharter or “Renew Your Annual Membership” in Scouting:

  1. A primary volunteer for your program gets the “recharter packet” from their Unit Commissioner or District Executive
  2. Create list of current contact information from all current members in your program, youth or adult.
  3. Compare the new contact information from #2 above with the roster of members from recharter packet or in the BSA Membership system.
  4. Click here for detailed steps to complete this process, or take the online Internet Recharter Tutorial.

Note: Every adult leader must have current Youth Protection Training for their program. Click here for copy of the current policies.

Contact for Issues

Please direct any questions to the Member Care Contact Center at (855) 707-2644.

Jim Aikman

Jim Aikman

Council 15 / 20 Champion

(405) 833-8893

Dave Bruneau

Dave Bruneau

Assistant Council Commissioner

(480) 258-2352

Myron  Knight

Myron Knight

District Commissioner, New Horizons District

(405) 615-9384

Rebecca Koss

Rebecca Koss

Assistant Council Commissioner-Area 2

Sherri  Mitchell

Sherri Mitchell

District Commissioner, Big Tepee

(405) 401-7771

Robert Nuckolls

Robert Nuckolls

District Commissioner Kickingbird District

(701) 330-7557

Gordon Shaw

Gordon Shaw

Assistant Council Commissioner Area 3

(580) 917-2497

Mike Veasey

Mike Veasey

Assistant Council Commissioner-Area 1

(405) 627-7768

Position Name Telephone
Council 15 / 20 Champion Jim Aikman (405) 833-8893 Email
District Commissioner Western Plains District Laci Brewer Email
Assistant Council Commissioner Dave Bruneau (480) 258-2352 Email
District Commissioner Manuel Perez Jr District Christopher M Davis Email
Sooner District Commissioner Robert Eades (405) 615-3585 Email
Assistant Council Commissioner Harold Hanke (405) 751-5170 Email
District Commissioner, New Horizons District Myron Knight (405) 615-9384 Email
Assistant Council Commissioner-Area 2 Rebecca Koss Email
District Commissioner Baden Powell District Ron Lee Email
District Commissioner, Big Tepee Sherri Mitchell (405) 401-7771 Email
District Commissioner Kickingbird District Robert Nuckolls (701) 330-7557 Email
Assistant Council Commissioner Area 3 Gordon Shaw (580) 917-2497 Email
District Commissioner Eagle District Alan Simpson Email
Assistant Council Commissioner-Area 1 Mike Veasey (405) 627-7768 Email