Popcorn Sale

       The Popcorn Sale is a Great Way for you                           to fund your unit's Scouting Year!


The money you earn from the sale of popcorn will help meet the needs of your unit and individual Scouts all while providing a quality program for your Scouts. Proceeds from the sale of popcorn have also been used to make improvements to our council summer camp, day camps and resident camps. 


                                     Click here to register your unit now:                                                                     https://www.trails-end.com/unit-registration


      Everything You Need to Run a Successful Fundraiser!

                                     Click here for training from Trail's End.



      What a fun way to help put the "outing" in Scouting!

File Name Description
2019 LFC Show N Sell Guidelines Guidelines and rules for the Last Frontier Council Show N Sell. Download
2019 Popcorn Contests Two additional contests for Scouts and units. Download
2019 Popcorn Leader's Guide Information to help your unit get started and have a successful sale. Download
2019 Popcorn Timeline Quick reference for important dates. Download
2019 Unit Commitment Form This is a paper form for your unit commitment to use only if necessary. Please register your unit online. Download
How to Pay For Show N Sell Instructions on how to pay for your unit's Show N Sell order. Download
How To Pay For Take Order Instructions on how to pay for your unit's Take Order. Download
Show N' Sell Location Confirmation Form Form to use to secure your Show N' Sell location. Download
Position Name Telephone
Eagle Popcorn Chair Heidi Baugh (405) 317-1886 Email
New Horizons Popcorn Chair Roosevelt Calloway (405) 550-0701 Email
Big Tepee Popcorn Chair Tina Clark (405) 206-6227 Email
Wiley Post District Executive Drew Cranford (405) 209-2005 Email
Sooner Popcorn Chair Autumn Estes (405) 762-0624 Email
Accounting Specialist Kahlil Garner (405) 840-1114 x232 Email
Will Rogers Popcorn Chair Melissa Hendrix (405) 255-8319 Email
Western Plains Popcorn Chair Thomas Horton (580) 821-4486 Email
Kickingbird Popcorn Chair Meghan Elizabeth Hull (580) 480-0650 Email
Trail's End Popcorn Specialist Rebecca Koss (405) 408-6883 Email
Council Popcorn Chair Kelley Sheik (405) 623-7221 Email
Manuel Perez Popcorn Chair John Soderquist (405) 213-4281 Email
Council Popcorn Staff Advisor John Tipton (865) 250-9075 Email
Canadian Valley Popcorn Chair Steven Turner (405) 481-1713 Email
Baden Powell Popcorn Chair Carly Wegener (405) 761-0997 Email
Chisholm Trail Community Executive Amy Willoughby (405) 822-0011 Email
Black Beaver Popcorn Chair Lin Winters (580) 574-1911 Email