New Horizons Units

Information about New Horizons District

The New Horizons District serves Northeast Oklahoma City, Spencer, Forest Park, Dowtown Oklahoma City, and portions of Northwest Oklahoma City. We serve 19 Scouting Units (15 Cub Scout Packs and 3 Boy Scout Troops).

Cub Scout Packs
Pack 1265 (Thelma Parks Elementary)

Pack 1500 (YMCA of Greater OKC/John Rex Elementary)

Pack 1501 (Eugene Fields Elementary)

Pack 1503 (Edgemere Elementary)

Pack 1504 (Telstar Elementary)

Pack 1506 (Young Achievers Christian Academy)

Pack 1510 (Millwood Elementary Learning Academy)

Pack 1634 (F.D. Moon Academy)

Pack 1636 (Willowbrook Elementary)

Pack 1905 (Pleasant Hill Elementary)

Pack 1945 (Martin L. King Elementary)

Pack 1973 (Spencer Elementary)

Pack 1974 (Dove Science Elemenatary)

Pack 1975 (Green Pastures Elementary)

Pack 1976 (Edwards Elementary)

Pack 3523 (Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, Inc.)

Boy Scout Troops

Troop 0523 (Boys and Girls’ Club of Oklahoma County, Inc.)

Troop 1101 (KIPP Reach Prep. School)

Troop 1402 (Cornerstone United Methodist Church)

New Horizons District Leadership
Reggie Johnson (District Chair)

Gary Jones (District Commissioner)

Jonathan Still (District Executive)

  • District Activities & Civic Services- Cynthia Knight
  • District Advancement & Recongition- Jeremy Davis
  • District Camp Card Chair- Cheryl Dixon
  • District Camping and Outdoor Programs- Jamaal Brooks
  • District Communications- Annie Menz
  • District Friends of Scouting- Anthony Hendricks
  • District Health & Safety- Brian Linley Jr.
  • District Membership- Myron Knight
  • District Nominating Committee- Justin Grose
  • District Popcorn Kernel- Roosevelt Calloway
  • District OA Advisor/ Member at Large- Tony Reese
  • District Training- Brian Linley Jr.
  • District Member at Large- Burnitta Fugett
  • District Member at Large- Ivonne Gutierrez
  • District Member at Large- Judith Lawler
  • District Member at Large- Christopher Staine
  • District Member at Large- Sheila Valero
  • District Member at Large- Michelle Still
  • District Member at Large- Nikki Randle

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Myron  Knight

Myron Knight

District Commissioner, New Horizons District

(405) 615-9384

Jonathan Still

Jonathan Still

District Executive , New Horizons District

(405) 549-1576

Gary  Woods

Gary Woods

District Chair, New Horizons District

(405) 833-5765