Kickingbird District

Kickingbird is a reference to the Kiowa peace chief, Kickingbird (1835-1875). Chief Kickingbird was a great warrior who advocated for education of his people, he resided in Western Oklahoma. Kickingbird District is honored to be the namesake of this great chief. 

Kickingbird District proudly serves five Southwestern Oklahoma counties;

  • Kiowa
  • Greer
  • Harmon
  • Jackson
  • Tillman

Position Name Telephone
Advancement Chair, Kickingbird District Joseph Stone (580) 799-5193 Email
Assistant District Commissioner Dale Mellor (580) 480-1015 Email
Community Executive, Kickingbird Lindsey Miller (580) 471-0275 Email
District Camping Chair James Dowell (580) 480-5382 Email
District Commissioner Kickingbird District Robert Nuckolls (701) 330-7557 Email
District Director, Black Beaver, Chisholm Trail, Kickingbird Brittany Fraser (580) 695-1964 Email
District Public Relations Chair Suellyn Nuckolls (701) 330-7556 Email