LFC Youth Protection Protocols

Last Frontier Council Youth Protection Protocols



Family Scouting is a positive experience for both youth and adults.  In Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Exploring and Sea Scouting, boys and girls will be participating in various unit-level camping activities.  Youth members of both genders will now be camping in proximity to each other.  Adults of both genders will be participating in these camping activities.  These guidelines are intended to supplement the BSA national youth protection requirements, to the end that the potential for youth protection incidents in Last Frontier Council activities is minimized. 

Although the development of these protocols was prompted by the inclusion of girls in Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA, these protocols are applicable at all LFC events, regardless of whether youth members of both genders are participating.  As will be apparent from reading of these protocols, the LFC’s requirements and best practices will vary in some situations, depending on whether the event in question is single-gender or mixed gender.

There are separate protocols for the various types of Scouting activities.  This is because the challenges of keeping Scouting safe do differ among the various types of Scouting programs, which range from unit-level activities to district and council-level activities, to training events.  For that reason, even though there are many similarities among these youth protection protocols, there are variations relating to such matters as cell phone use, tenting arrangements and campsite use.

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