Canadian Valley District










File Name Description
Directions to Camps Sasakwa Download
Map of Camp Sasakwa (topographic) Download
Position Name Telephone
Camping & Outdoor Promo Chair, District Bill William (580) 235-7387 Email
Commissioner, District Joshua Young Phd (515) 238-8503 Email
Communications Chair, District Nathan Kirk (877) 314-4080 Email
District Executive, Canadian Valley Steven Choate (405) 426-9653 Email
Training Chair, District Erik Rinish (405) 323-0306 Email
Vice Chair - Membership, District Travis Flood (405) 273-1035 Email
Vice Chair, District Cindy White (405) 488-7039 Email
Vice Chair- Administration, District Larry D Gill (405) 273-8200 Email
Vice Chair- Program, District Kenneth Updike (580) 377-8315 Email