Big Tepee District

2017 Big Tepee District Camopree "Leave No Trace"

2017 BT Camporee 2017 BT Camporee


A huge thank you and lots of praise to Mike Lindgens for Chairing this years camporee. We had a great turnout and everyone learned lots of good info on Leave No Trace. We picked up over 100 pounds of trash off Harper road and more just around the park. Again, thanks to Mike and the amazing staff he put together. We couldn't do it without our volunteers.

2017 Big Tepee Pinewood Derby

2017 BT Pinewood Derby Lion-Tiger 2017 BT Pinewood Derby Wolves
Lions and Tigers Wolves
1st Atom Z. Pack 210 1st Colin M. Pack 210
2nd Sam B. Pack 277 2nd Kaler C. Pack 210
3rd Ben V. Pack 277 3rd Devon H. Pack 87
2017 BT Pinewood Derby Bears 2017 BT Pinewood Derby Webelos-AOL
Bears Webelos/AOL
1st Andrew U. Pack 280 1st Everett R.. Pack 210
2nd Brady S. Pack 87 2nd Vincent B. Pack 42
3rd Alex V. Pack 277 3rd Aidin G. Pack 42
2017 BT Pinewood Derby Open 2017 BT Pinewood Derby Designs
Open Division Car Design Awards
1st Jack U. Pack 280 Cub Built Sam B. Pack 277
2nd Andrew U. Pack 280 Fastest Devon H. Pack 87
3rd Everett R. (Sister Standing in.) Pack 210 Paint Job Aiden L. Pack 210

Position Name Telephone
District Executive, Big Tepee Mathias Ham (816) 678-7799 Email
District Commissioner, Big Tepee Sherri Mitchell (405) 401-7771 Email